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The right answers start with the right questions.

Since the start of my career a decade ago in small, rural newsrooms, to my reporting on some of the world’s most powerful companies and executives, my business has been the same: Ask the right questions and listen closely to piece together the real story.

My writing services bring the rigorous reporting and writing process I used at media like Inc. Magazine and Vox to your company. We start with your goals, your strengths, and your challenges. With deep knowledge of your company and its position in your industry, I craft authoritative content that your audience eagerly wants to read.

Cloud and SaaS companies are my focus because I’ve reported extensively on businesses in those spheres. That said, as someone accustomed to breaking news after barely jumping into an unfamiliar topic, I can learn quickly about any client and their world.

The internet is flooded with content. Only the best will grab attention, and only when it's fast and frequent enough to stay relevant. I focus on quality without sacrificing speed so that your website, blog, newsletter, op-ed, thinkpiece, or ebook can reach audiences at the right moment.

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